Being hard-hearted. 

I never thought that one day I would be at this stage, where people leaving doesn’t effect you anymore. They wanna talk to you, Good. And if they don’t, Great. Sometimes, When you try to express  your problem or  feelings to someone… They call you sympathy seeker or attention seeker. And if you don’t share your problem to someone then they say you don’t trust them. Funny. 

You do 99 things for everyone and what they see is the 1 thing you didn’t do. When you are happy everyone say they are with you and when you take a decision of your own in which you find happiness but is wrong for someone then everyone is against you. The person who stands by your side when everyone is against you and listen to you and suggest you, at that time you know who truly your friend is. And that one friend will support you to the fullest and to shine brightest.

When you give importance to someone, then they are just there to show that they are with you. Your presence doesn’t matter to them. Maybe because they are happy with the one’s who are by their side or maybe with someone who is just being fake to them. They realize the importance you gave to them and your presence when it’s too late. Karma says, “What goes around, comes around”. When you relate this to your life.. Then you know that people who doesn’t cared for you and your priorities will surely come back to you and regret. And will try to prove that their intention was not to hurt you, and they were forced to do so, they ain’t got any other choice. “Aww let’s shed some tears”.  You won’t trust them again, because you know who are two-faced people. And if you still talk to the people who once broke your trust, then the thing are going to be different. They will think you won’t share their talks to anyone. But you do share it with one that person who stood by your side in your hard times. You don’t care about anyone, you don’t like making new friends, you don’t like being attached to someone again. Because attachment leads to expectations,  a synonym of disappointments. People will say you are selfish or you are changed but they won’t look at their behaviour and their words against you which forced you to do so. Everyone, even those who were once your best friend, will show their true colours. And you just let them to talk the shit behind your back… And that’s why they are behind you. 

Some people, i don’t know how, can fake the entire friendship. One moment they make you feel that you are very special to them, and on another moment they change their priorities, words, behavior, and everything towars you. I mean, if you are going to break the trust of one person so why you do such sugar-coated talks? Actually, the thing is they just want some entertainment in their life. And when you get attach to them you start being possessive,and as soon as you start talking serious they leave you. This can be another reason for you to be hard-hearted. They leave you, you cry, you beg them to not to leave you, still they do and finally you realise crying won’t bring them back to you. But because you loved ’em, you still try to talk to them and end up to talk to them as stranger. 

After all this when you stop expecting and caring it’s hard for to find a person to talk. Because they see you now as being heartless, without knowing your story they judge you.

 And you tend to be alone in darkness , but it’s good because stars only shine in darkness. 



Student. Like to write about love. And love to write. 💖

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